Open Source Workshop #11 (Feb 2013)

Agenda: (updated on 1/27)

2:30pm - Short Talks:
1. "Past, Present and Future of IBus for Hong Kong users" by Mathieu Bridon.
2. "Remote control camera with Arduino" by Kwankung.
3. "Java and Raspberry Pi" by Sunny Chan.
4. "xbmc and Raspberry Pi" by Jethro Tso.
5. "Open Source and Linux community news and updates" by organizers.

4:00pm - Hackfest and Free Discussion.
1. Hackfest: Usability testing of ibus-cangjie
2. Free Discussion: Raspberry Pi
3. Free Discussion: Arduino

Classroom Y5-306, 5/F Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong / Tat Chee Road, Kowloon Tong.

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