Open Source Workshop #12 (Mar 2013)


2:30pm Open Source in Open Data - From hk0weather to Open Data
From his hk0weather open source project, Sammy will talk and discuss with participants how should open source help in open data.
Speaker: Sammy Fung

3:00pm Open Source Community News Update (Sammy Fung)

3:15pm Open Source Lightning Talks
- Remembering Aaron Swartz 1986 - 2013: RSS, creative commons, and Markdown (by Chainsaw)
- Demonstration of on Raspberry Pi (by Chainsaw)

4:00pm Workshop and Free Discussions:
- open source in open data (Sammy Fung)

If you are interested to give a lightning talk to share a open-source topic, or do some hacking or discussion, please contact with Sammy at Thank you.

  • Open Source Hong Kong.
  • Opensource Application Knowledge Association.
  • Hong Kong Linux User Group.

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